Star Trek: Sovereign

Star Trek: Sovereign RPG. To join, please contact Joshawott via PM.

Moderators: jayphailey, Joshawott

Forum rules
1.) This is a game, and games are made to be fun. Please do not post any material which may offend others or disrupt the flow of the game.
2.) Communication over comm should be located within brackets [ ]. Out of character or OOC comments should be located within parentheses ( ). Telepathic communications, thoughts, emphasis, and starship names should be italicized.
3. Players are expected to post in-character at least once a week. If there is time needed off, please contact Joshawott, so he can place your character on a leave of absence.
4. Leave posts open-ended for someone else to easily reply to.
5.) HAVE FUN!!!
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