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Dark and Gritty

Post by sirus » Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:22 am

Well, with the recent dark and gritty reboot of Sabrina I find myself wondering. Why dark and gritty? I mean really? I don't get it. Star Trek DSC got that dark and gritty touch. DC got it. Again and again, I see something I used to enjoy brought back and given the dark and gritty treatment. It feels like again and again things I used to like are having the joy sucked out of them and being given back as depressing dark messes.

I can't help but wonder, am I getting older or is this really a thing? Why is it I long for the bright and colorful more and more? My favorite of the Marvel movies was Thor Ragnarok because on some child level it felt like a freaking superhero movie. And that just makes me wonder, why doesn't anything from DC actually feel like a superhero movie? Why does Sabrina need to be dark and gritty to be relevant? Why does so much today seem to have such a heavy focus on the brutal and dark parts of life? Why is it that even Star Trek, the beacon on the hill, falls to this wave of darkness and violence?

Is this just me? I feel like I want the bright stories of the past once more. I wrap myself in the stories of my past and compare them. And what I see is stories used to be fun. They aren't fun anymore.

Does anyone else see this?
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