RPG: Project Delta Personnel Office

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RPG: Project Delta Personnel Office

Post by Sqweloookle » Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:28 pm


Greetings, I bring you Project Delta.

We are set in the Delta quadrant. The year is 2398. We do not follow Star Trek Picard series, please plan your characters accordingly.

Our missions include Exploration, Diplomacy, Scientific Investigation and Star Charting.

All players crew the Galaxy-class Venture-refit Explorer, USS Pioneer. The Pioneer and a Task Force of 9 Starfleet ships travelled, in tight formation, to the Delta using the Quantum Slipstream Drive installed on 2 of the ships working in tandem, the Pioneer is not one of them. (20 years of R&D + testing since Voyager’s return) If you would like to know more, our website can answer many of your questions as can I, the GM.

Taken: CMO. All other Chief positions available.
The Task Force was accompanied by a Civilian and Merchant Marine convoy that will open many opportunities for a variety of positions for players to have NPCs assist in other parts of Project Delta’s Operations.
The Executive & Second Officer are interviewed upon submitting their applications.

Delta quadrant species will become available under conditions, as we progress through our first season of missions on Nova site:

Please join us on Sqwe’s Simming Imperium, we can discuss character applications as well prior to submission: https://discord.gg/q6cfBsr
Thank you for reading and hope to sim with you on the grand adventure of the Delta quadrant.

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