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Post by Moogie » Wed Apr 06, 2016 1:24 pm

Would anybody have any game (sims, play-by-posts, forums, etc.) recommendations that would accommodate someone new to the setting?

And/or anybody want to talk about the games that they're presently in?

(\fern/) Thanks!

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Crewman 2nd Class
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Re: Recommendations?

Post by Rhodes » Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:07 pm

I currently play in both Bravo Fleet and Obsidian Fleet, and in fact I CO a ship in each.

Both Fleet's have their merits and their downfalls.

If your looking for something unique, Task Force 99 in Bravo Fleet has a variety of niche sims. The other Task Forces operate on group specific canon and in localized areas of Operations.

Obsidian Fleet offers a wide variety of simms operating various storyline. This Fleet offers a slew of specialized Academy Courses to help players write realistically in different departments.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Both Fleet's are happy to answer your questions as well.

Good Luck.

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