JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 10/28/2017

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JM's Top Twenty-Five, week ending 10/28/2017

Post by JM1776 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:39 am

1 Georgia 8-0

Now, even by the eye test, they look like the best team in the country.

2 Alabama 8-0

The Tide may be in for a surprise when they play Georgia.

3 Clemson 7-1

I'm not sure they get in if everyone else runs the table. That loss to Syracuse is kinda ugly.

4 Oklahoma 7-1

Gotta give 'em the edge over Ohio State (and Penn State), because they whupped the Buckeyes in the Horseshoe.

5 Ohio State 7-1

Hell of a comeback.

6 Notre Dame 7-1

Honestly ... if they run the table ... I think this is your national champion.

7 Wisconsin 8-0

Could get left out even if 13-0 ... but they won't be.

8 Texas Christian 7-1

That was one of the ugliest losses I've seen.

9 Oklahoma State 7-1

And now Bedlam is HUGE again.

10 Miami, Florida 7-0

I just don't know.

11 Virginia Tech 7-1

Still skulking.

12 Iowa State 6-2

I couldn't quite justify putting the Cyclones in the Top Ten ... but I thought about it.

13 Central Florida 7-0

Even if everyone else has two losses, they still can't get in, IMO.

14 Penn State 7-1

From "arguably the best" to "almost certainly out" in one quarter. Barkley does NOT deserve the Heisman.

15 Washington 7-1

Conceivable they get in if they run the table ... but not likely.

16 Memphis 7-1

Awesome offense.

17 Louisiana State 6-2

What about the Tigers if they get hot? Name recognition gives 'em a chance.

18 Auburn 6-2

Them, too.

19 Mississippi State 6-2

First big away win.

20 Southern California 7-2

Their quarterback better learn how to hold on to the ball.

21 Stanford 6-2

Pac-12 doesn't really have enough meat for a two-loss team to get in.

22 South Carolina 6-2

Are we really sure the Big Ten is better than the SEC? I'm not seein' it.

23 North Carolina State 6-2

Two of the best losses in the country.

24 San Diego State 7-2

And theirs aren't bad, either.

25 Arizona 6-2

Seem to have found their guy.
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