Discovery Season 3 Trailer

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Joseph A Human
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Discovery Season 3 Trailer

Post by Joseph A Human » Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:04 pm

So I've only seen season one of Star Trek Discovery yet I know about the ending of season 2 that drops the ship in the future.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

I just saw the trailer for season three of Discovery and I saw some comments comparing it to or complaining that it looks like a reboot of Andromeda the old series inspired by the Gene Roddenberry idea.

Well I say good remake that show and you can make it a lot better than what we got.

For me it was some years ago after it had ended, it was being rerun on a UK channel that I got to see some of Andromeda I watched all of season 1 and about half of season 2 before I'd had enough.

I found it to me sloppy, poorly acted and written and seemingly clueless as to what it was and had in Trance Gemini one of the worst characters I'd ever seen on a tv show. I did see a few episodes from seasons 3, 4 and 5 and for me it only got worse from the drop in quality that led me to quit wasting my time with it.

from what I saw it became Hercules in space (although not as entertaining as the Hercules show), with Dylan and his space stick defeating all and everyone else a background figure of little use.

Still, for some reason I watched the two-part series finale, which I found was just as terrible

If Discovery season 3 is a remake or maybe just has some similarities to Andromeda, I say it's a good idea to take that material Gene created and use it how I always thought it should have been, as a series set in the Star Trek universe.

Imagine a series with actual decent actors in it people who care about it behind the scenes depicting a dark future where the Federation and Starfleet are no more, and the characters who come together to restore them.

I'm not saying Discovery will be definitely be that show although I do believe it could tell a better version of that story than the awful mess Andromeda turned into.

Not sure if there was any overlap during their original tv runs but it occurs to me that if Andromeda had been a Trek show  it and Enterprise could have been nice book ends, one charting the birth of Starfleet and later the Federation the other their ends and rebirth.

Anyway my point if I had one was whatever Andromeda was intended to be, whatever Gene Roddenberrys vision for it might have been for me it was unfulfilled potential and maybe Discovery will surprise us.

Man, I just go on don't I?
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Re: Discovery Season 3 Trailer

Post by sirus » Thu Sep 17, 2020 7:32 am

Well, it was a show of its era. I think judging it by any standard besides its era is silly.

Also, Dylan Hunt is classic Kevin Sorbo, like his best role.
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Re: Discovery Season 3 Trailer

Post by Ronin » Thu Sep 17, 2020 8:11 am

Old shows and Films get judged by the modern audiences all the time... and the change in era can help some.

Demolition Man as an example - has gotten better with age.

Also - pretty sure Hercules is his best role.
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