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Re: ST: CITADEL - "Let It Rock" - COMPLETE

Post by AdmiralSirJohn » Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:24 pm

“Here they come,” the Vulcan they all called ET reported.

“Are we ready?” Lt. Commander Mike McCune asked, looking around the small bridge.

“Helm ready, Boss,” Harnell Jones answered. “We can link systems with Espero and the shuttlecraft at any time.”

McCune looked over at the Grazerite at operations. “Ro?”

“Comm systems are good. Getting telemetry from the shuttlecraft and Espero.”

McCune touched a button on the panel to his right. “Charge, how are things down there? Are we ready to play our part?”

“We’re ready, Boss. Static warp shell is established and holding.”

“Excellent. Ro, open a channel, please.”

“Already done, Boss.”

“This is Hammersley. We’re all ready over here.”

Espero, this is. Ready, we are as well.”

“All right, People,” came the voice of Captain Yineth Nikara, “time to turn your bridges over to us… In three, two, one… Now.”

“Confirmed,” Jones reported. “Shuttlecraft is now in control.”

“Tractor beam?”

“Operating and locked on. We and Espero are towing the warhead.”

“Here we go,” the voice of General An Rentoshi announced. “Course laid in, and coming about…”


The doors whooshed open, allowing Henry Nash to enter the Ernst Ruska’s medical facility with ease. He found his par’Mach’kai seated in her office, with a PADD in her hand. Reh’loryn looked up as she smelled his presence.

“You look busy,” the First Officer observed with a smile.

“Dr. Meav asked me and Doctor Korel to check his and Ensign Tapper’s tanzila work.” She appeared to be perturbed and on-edge, though quite engrossed by the data she saw on the small screen. Nash knew how the Klingon woman felt. They were all tired.

“Well, I was hoping to take you away from all of this and ask you if you wanted to join me on the Bridge.”

“I cannot abandon my post,” the Chief Medical Officer flatly stated, standing up from her seat. “Captain Yineth asked that Sickbay be prepared for the possibility of incoming casualties.”

The commander nodded, understanding the captain’s reasons. He never felt too comfortable with some of the risks that he took under the auspices of performing his duty as a Starfleet officer. One time, during their year-long mission in the Gamma Quadrant, the Captain had ignored his advice and ended up spending a week in Sickbay after tangling with an unruly group of Karemma.

“I wish he’d let someone else co-pilot that shuttle for the General.”

“After a year aboard this ship, Henry,” his girlfriend scolded him, “you should know by now that Yineth Nikara isn’t the type of man who would ask his crew to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself.”

“You sound like you admire him.”

“I admire survivors.” She kissed him on the mouth before shooing him out of her office.


It was as if the entire planet were holding its breath. Nothing moved, nothing spoke. The streets of the cities echoed with only the wind, the people abandoning them for the nearest building with media access.

Even the Boredom Cure studio, normally a hive of activity, had come to a halt, every eye turned toward the Starfleet feed, from a holocamera situated between Rentoshi and Yineth aboard the Bobcat.

“Three minutes to release.”

“Please, Maker, let this work,” someone said, barely above a whisper. “Please, please, please…”

“Two minutes.”

Ibriel Ganegli sat rigidly silent, not daring to crack a joke or even make a sound.

“Ninety seconds.”

“Hope you guys are ready to do a quick trajectory plot,” Yineth Nikara remarked.

“We’re ready,” another of the aliens replied.

“If this doesn’t work,” General An Rentoshi added, “I just want to say thanks for trying, people.”

“It’ll work,” Yineth assured the bigger man. “Made a real mess of that ketracel white facility, after all…”

“Sixty seconds.”

“Still, the general has a point,” Fluffy Guy remarked from his seat next to Ganegli’s desk.

“Shush,” the host told his sidekick. “I trust these new friends.”

“Thirty seconds.”

“Escape course plotted and ready. Helmsmen, be ready to resume control.”

Espero ready.”

Hammersley ready.”

“Fifteen seconds.”


“Ten seconds… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one… Release.”

“BOMB AWAY! Everybody out!”

“Impact in five… four… three… two… one… Impact.”

“Ixtik, talk to me,” Henry Nash said, his voice carried to the Boredom Cure’s audience over the Starfleet channel. Indeed, his voice was being heard by everyone on the planet.

“Computer is chewing on it, Commander,” the Ernst Ruska’s Bzzit Khaht science officer replied.

While Kumari had been designated lead, the Ernst Ruska was the newer ship. The science officers of both ships were justifiably proud of their ships, and they were racing each other to be the first to know if the captain’s plan had worked.

“I don’t need to know about all of them, just the big pieces.”

“Stand by… one-three-eight-eight targets… one-two-six pieces large enough to see penetrating atmosphere…”

Kumari confirms so far. Computer is chewing on it…”

“Fifteen large enough to do damage…”

“Maker, please don’t let this all have been for nothing,” the Fluffy Guy whispered. He’d seen the same simulations the rest had seen, and knew that many small impacts would be as bad as one large one.

“And no impact! I repeat, no pieces will impact!”

The stadium-sized studio erupted in cheers.

Ibriel Ganegli let it go on for several seconds before standing up and moving to the center of the stage, bringing silence back to the room.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he said, feeling tears of relief fall from his cheeks, “I believe it’s time for a drink. Would anyone care to join me?”



The cheers in the stadium-sized studio were as loud as ever as Ibriel Ganegli walked out, but as he reached his traditional “opening monologue” spot, he raised his hands, calling for silence.

“My friends, three days ago, we were here, waiting to find out if our world would live or die. I, like all of you, was relieved beyond words when those trajectory readings came in, confirming that our world, and we, would live.”

On any other world, the sound would have been likened to the winning goal at a professional or Olympic sporting event, but there was a definite undertone of thanks and relief to it that no sporting event could provide.

“Tomorrow night, the Tzenkethi will provide us with a light show unlike any seen before, but not the one they anticipated.

“And that, my friends, is due to the actions of tonight’s honored guests. But first, please stand and welcome the Intaran Executive Council, under the leadership of Prime Councilor Aram Kodo!”

This time, the cheers were more of politeness than genuine exuberance as the thirteen members of the planet’s executive leadership walked out onto the stage. Ganegli greeted each of the councilors, finishing with Kodo himself.

“Councilors, welcome to the Boredom Cure. Prime Councilor Kodo, I believe you have something to say before we bring out tonight’s honorees?”

“Yes, Mr. Ganegli,” the big, deep-voiced man replied, stepping forward to join the host at center stage.

“Few people outside the Council know this,” he began, “but when the idea of asking the Federation to come and establish a base here, I was vehemently opposed to it. I believed we could, through trade and our own efforts, obtain weapons and materiel with which to defend this world without their help. But as the raids increased, I saw that I was very much mistaken. It was Councilor Kinda of Kentar who first championed the Federation’s presence. Even today, he is the main proponent of Federation involvement and Intar’s eventual membership. I would now, publicly, give him my thanks. Without his persistence, this world would have died tomorrow.

“Ever since the untimely death of Councilor Ekk, the post of Council Leader has been vacant. Today, with the unanimous consent of the Council and the Grand Assembly, I appoint Councilor Jivo Kinda as Council Leader.”

The applause that greeted this announcement was more spirited as Kinda joined Kodo at the center of the stage.

“Thank you, Prime Councilor, for this great honor. I shall endeavor to carry it out for the betterment of all Intar.”

“And now,” Ganegli said, “please welcome, from the starship Blount Island, the man who built the bomb that shattered the asteroid, Captain Dominic Baier; representing the crews of the starships Espero and Hammersley, Lieutenant Commanders Ikar and Michael McCune; and the men who delivered us from the rock… Captain Yineth Nikara of the starship Ernst Ruska and commander of Forward Operating Base Gwalior, General An Rentoshi!”

And as the heroes marched onto the stage to receive their accolades, an entire planet cheered.


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Re: ST: CITADEL - "Let It Rock" - COMPLETE

Post by captainuniverse » Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:05 pm

In the words of Lieutenant Commander Ikar," Done here, great work, there was." (\gorn/)

I really enjoyed working with John on this story. It was fun.
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Re: ST: CITADEL - "Let It Rock" - COMPLETE

Post by AdmiralSirJohn » Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:15 pm

Indeed, I had fun, too!